• Bill pay system doxo finds decade of success

  • Posted on July 20, 2019
  • Founded in 2008, financial industry brand doxo had one goal in mind -- fill a vacant need for providing a one-stop online location for consumers to pay their bills. Seemed simple enough and, in its decade of work and growth, doxo grew. With a full decade of success behind the brand, doxo celebrated more than three million users on its platform in 2018. Additionally, the Seattle-headquartered company noted a presence of over 45,000 companies -- local, regional and national -- utilizing its portal for accepting bill payments from its customers.

    Without hesitation or even warning, the brand grew based on word of mouth and recommendations from popular publications, including The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine and its local newspaper, The Seattle Times. With millions of accounts on its system, doxo elevates its abilities as a simple and convenient means for paying numerous bills at once rather than juggling five, 10 or more payments across multiple methods. Whether accessed via computer or mobile, this true one-stop online location hits the mark in filling a void for convenience and simplicity in this consistent task.

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